What this blog will be about

So this is gunna be a place for me to write about my opinions on various things I feel like talking about. Usually whatever I’m watching or just watched. I’ll try not to have personal rants cause that’s not what I’m aiming for. So yea, expect a lot of critiques on TV shows, movies, albums, and things of that sort.

Also, expect a lot of reaction images and or gifs as I’m a big fan in their ability to convey my mood. Ex:


First post! And Series! The X-Files

It only seems natural to start off with one of the most game changing series of television from the 90s (my birth decade) to grace the silver screen. (Asides from Twin Peaks, which I may or may not get into at some point…)

It took my girlfriend (who I’ll refer to as Miss Amoeba) a lot of convincing to finally get me to watch her “favorite TV show of all time.” But I finally gave in and I have to say that I was stupid for not doing it any sooner. Continue reading “First post! And Series! The X-Files”